This is one of the best parts of this website; for all students in Latin I , II, III, or IV level students who need a huge review of all the stuff they missed, these Acrobat study guides are priceless. I started working on a noun study guide during the first month of Latin I, then it sort of exploded into many pages of Latin I, II, & III grammar consilidated into 4 quick reference guide pages... Anyway, I guess you could call these documents a 'consolidation' of this whole website into 4 printable pages. They are all PDF files, so as long as you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed (available for both Mac and PC), you can view and print these pages.

UPDATE: 3/31/03
I have yet again updated the study guides and fixed the links to them; they are all now under 10KB (hooray for modem users!) and use the "Times" font for more compatibility...

Verb page sample shown

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