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Nominative unus una unum
Genitive unius unius unius
Dative uni uni uni
Accusative unum unam unum
Ablative uno una uno

Roman Numeral Cardinal Oridnal
I unus, -a, -um; one primus, -a, -um; first
II duo, -ae, -o; two secundus, -a, -um; second
III tres, tres, tria; three tertius, -a, -um; third
IV quattuor; four quartus, -a, -um; fourth
V quinque; five quintus, -a, -um; fifth
VI sex; six sextus, -a, -um; sixth
VII septem; seven septimus, -a, -um; seventh
VIII octo; eight octavus, -a, -um; eighth
IX novem; nine nonus, -a, -um; ninth
X decem; ten decimus, -a, -um; tenth
XI undecim; eleven undecimus, -a, -um; eleventh
XII duodecim; twelve duodecimus, -a, -um; etc...
XIII tredecim; thirteen tertius decimus, -a, -um
XIV quattuordecim; fourteen quartus decimus, -a, -um
XV quindecim; fifteen quintus decimus, -a, -um
XVI sedecim; sixteen sextus decimus, -a, -um
XVII septendecim; seventeen septimus decimus, -a, -um
XVIII duodeviginti; eighteen duodevicesimus, -a, -um
XIX undeviginti; nineteen undevicesimus, -a, -um
XX viginti; twenty vicesimus, -a, -um
L quinquaginta; fifty quinquagesimus, -a, -um
C centum; a hundred centesimus, -a, -um
D quingenti, -ae, -a; five hundred quingentesimus, -a, -um
M mille; a thousand millesimus, -a, -um

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