If there's one thing about latin that really annoys me, it has to be the way Romans named dates; instead of saying "January 2nd" they had to be crazy and say "5 days before the Nones of Ianuarius" - quite a mouthfull if you ask me:

Latin Months

Ianuarius, -a, -um Iulius, -a, -um
Februarius, -a, -um Augustus, -a, -um
Martius, -a, -um September, Septembris, Septembre
Aprilis, -is, -e October, Octobris, Octobre
Maius, -a, -um November, Novembris, Novembre
Iunius, -a, -um December, Decembris, Decembre

Latin Dates (of the months)

Latin Name Day of Month Alternate Date*
Kalends 1st none
Nones 5th 7th
Ides 13th 15th

*In March May July, and October, these dates change

To form a date: Count back from that date (e.g. "Kalends"), including the day you are starting on; examples: "November 2:" "4 days before Nones"; "April 30:" "pridie Kalendas Maias" ("on the day before May 1); etc.

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